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Do you want a spa or sauna installed inside your home or set up in your pool area? If you want a luxury hot tub for your home or need a spa installed for commercial use, then you're in the right place!


We source high quality products from companies with the highest quality standards. So, you can be fully assured of satisfaction with our spa installation service.

Experience the celebrity lifestyle in your personal spa

Time to relax

Life's a tiring journey, isn't it? Spas are known to reduce stress and improve overall health. The reason behind such benefits is apparently the warmth of the water combined with the feeling of being touched gently, a key element for relaxation and wellbeing.


We'll help you relax further with affordable pricing! Enquire now about spa installation.

• Acrylic spas

• Tiled overflow and skimmer spas

• Wooden hot tubs

• Balance tanks

• Various spa accessories

• Bespoke spas and saunas

and more...

We serve in Rugeley and all over the UK. Call us on 01889 575 000.

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