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With our Alkorplan you'll get superior swimming pool linings. The material lasts long and is ideal for both residential and commercial pools.


Alkorplan's UV treated material ensures all-weather stability and 1.5 mm thickness gives it the strength to take on the knocks of even the most "energetic swimmers"!

Flexible Alkorplan pool lining system

10-year guarantee

Alkorplan has a life expectancy of 15 to 20 years. You also get 10 years of company guarantee. We'll replace any area that gets damaged by daily, normal usage.


Regardless of the size or shape of your swimming pool, we'll fit the liner with precision to give you a beautiful and impeccable pool interior. We also provide pool construction if you need work done from scratch and refurbishments for worn out pools.

• Durable linings for pools of any shape

• Wide range of shape and colour choices

• Option of lane marking

• Anti-slip PVC

• UV stabilised

• Easily replaceable

Alkorplan pool lining is ideal for all types of pool builds.

Call 01889 575 000.

Here's a glimpse of what you get

a spacious blue tiled swimming pool